About Us

The Concept for Red Door came out of a desire to make hand-crafted items with care.  After much thought and experimentation, we decided to settle on two main categories of items to sell - wood blocks and cookies.  

Our wood blocks are hand-cut, sanded and painted all over.  Lettering and stencils are one-sided unless otherwise noted.   

Our cookies are iced with custom creations.  We have many standard designs and are always coming up with seasonal designs too!

We try to keep our pricing consistent based on size and difficulty. 

Reach out for more information and quotes for large orders/events.


Wood Blocks:

Dimensions are standardized, all measured in inches.  Width by Height by Depth.  

For example, a block sized W-8" H-2.5" D-1.5" will be 8in long, 2.5in tall, and 1.5in thick.

Due to the nature of wood, your sign may have "perfect imperfections" like wood grain, nicks, cracks, and knots. These imperfections give your signs character!



Cookies are all 1/4" thick.  

Cookies are baked with care in our commercially licensed and inspected kitchen. Unless otherwise noted, cookies are cooked in an environment with gluten, dairy and may have come in contact with nuts.  Please let us know if you have specific allergy concerns and we are happy to try and accommodate.  Gluten-free options ARE AVAILABLE!


Lead Time: 

Products should be expected to ship within 3-4 business days.  Tracking should automatically be sent once the item is shipped.  Please reach out to us for additional information about any of our products or shipping information.